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Moving from Vietnam below is a step by step list of the moving process when leaving Vietnam.

1. Inspection

One of SEAL’s friendly and professional staff will come to your home for a free inspection and evaluation.

2. Quotation

A competitive quotation will be submitted to you promptly after inspection. It will include a list of services we provide depending on your individual requirements.

3. Packing

Packing is done by SEAL’s expert staff to ensure that your valued belongings are packed with maximum protection.

4. Storage

SEAL can arrange storage for your removals if needed. Two weeks free storage are offered and competitive storage rates thereafter.

5. Packing list

A packing list is made detailing all your belongings and a comprehensive system is used to easily re-locate your belongings after arrival at destination.

6. Shipping services

As a global logistics provider SEAL has the expertise and ability to offer efficient and low-cost Shipping services on a world-wide basis. SEAL’s in house freight forwarding department will arrange all the shipping and/or airfreight documentation requirements very efficiently and thus ensure smooth door-to-door relocation service.

7. Arrival Advice

SEAL’s professional destination agents will be receiving a pre-advice with all the relevant details related to your particular move and requirements at port/airport of country of destination. Thereafter SEAL’s destination partner will contact you by phone/fax/email and advise you of the arrival of your removal goods. They will arrange customs clearance formalities with you and set a date for delivery of your removal goods.

8. Delivery of your Removal

SEAL’s relocation partner will then liaise with you regarding customs clearance and delivery to your new residence.

9. Customer Feedback

SEAL prides itself on delivering quality service. To ensure that you are completely satisfied please fill in our customer survey form. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Should you have any enquires about moving overseas you can always call one of our friendly staff or send an email to sgnexpress@seal.com.vn

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