Pet Relocations

Moving animals takes special attention and care. Please inform us of any medication or special feeding requirements your pet may need.

For bringing an animal into Vietnam you will need to provide an up-to-date health certificate as well as your pet’s vaccination card. These can all be easily obtained from your local vet or through our agent.

Please be advised when leaving Vietnam some countries require a long stay in quarantine before your pet can be reunited with you.

SEAL can provide IATA approved cages for air transportation of your pet. Since your pet should ideally arrive at the same time as you, we will endeavor to have your pet on the same flight as you or a flight suitable to your requirements.

SEAL Vietnam and/or our overseas agents can provide kennel services for your pet whilst awaiting transportation and/or transit. If you need a pet quote, click to this link.

Should you have any enquires about transporting your pet please call one of our friendly staff or send an email to